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Boda Borg is a swedish company that are creating experiences in form of quests for children and families. It is challenges that consist of different rooms in sequence, each of them with their own tasks to complete. I together with a friend of mine, Axel Larsson architect and artist, created one of these quests in Boda Borg Torpshammar in the middle of Sweden. We where to redesign an old quest that they wanted to renew. We created the story and conceptualisation of the quest and Boda Borg then build this based on our concept. The quest was ready in the fall 2017 and are now open for the public to solve.

Project info


2016 - 2017



Boda Borg



Axel Larsson

Boda Borg Torpshammar







The concept is based on a swedish children's story about an old man that lives in the swedish country side with his cat but with a twist. He is now preparing for traveling out in space to go and explore new planets. The quest takes the visitors through the journey of preparing the house, like feed the cat and water the carrots, prepare the spacecraft and eventually landing at the new planet.



The idea with the quests is that you have to try and figure out what to do in each new room. We have worked a lot with sound and light to give clues and to create the right atmosphere in each room. There are also some clues painted on the walls if the visitor pays close attention.



I created a game for one of the rooms where you have to navigate through space to reach and continue to the planet. This is the animation for the game.

Room overview


An overview of the different challenges and rooms. the second room is a secret tunnel that leads to the spacecraft and the visitors needs to climb up one floor to get to the next room.



Starting point


The old quest that we were going to replace had one room painted like this. We took this as a starting point and started ideate about psychedelic patterns and challenges with infinite mirrors in contrast to a room that is a swedish idyll summer.



The only thing that we weren’t allowed to change were the old privy that the children loved to crawl into, this also became a inspiration for creating a breakpoint between the two contrasts between the old countryside and the space travel.

Ideation & sketching


To communicate out ideas we created many sketches, and images but also a scale model of the existing architecture that we then changed and used to visualise our ideas.



This is the first of my own projects that have been built and used by a larger group of users which I think is really exiting. It is a really cool experience of going there and see the joy and excitement in peoples eyes when they pass the quest.


It has been interesting to shift perspective and think in this big scale and create a story for the user to live for a few minutes. This is what I will bring with me most from this project.


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